Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So THESE are hormones

Alternate post title:  Things I have cried about thus far while pregnant

  1. An episode of Shark Tank where a really passionate lady didn't get her product backed.

  2. Garret went grocery shopping (apparently I was really thankful?)

  3. I left Brooklyn with my mother in law for the week

  4. My nephew just is so cute

  5. Someone asked me if I was ok

  6. The horrendous vet bill quote to fix Brooklyn's teeth

  7. Hearing Gus' heartbeat at my midwife appointment

  8. Watching Wreck it Ralph (the part where he wrecks the candy car "for her own good"...bawling at a kids movie....

  9. G made fun of my indecisiveness at Marble Slab (not full on tears but there was some welling was HARD to choose my ice cream mixins)

  10. Being unable to get an earlier ultrasound appointment

Stay tuned as this ridiculous list shall just keep getting longer and stranger I'd imagine.

3 comments: said...

You are such a doll....yes, hormones. You have that wonderful ability to laugh at yourself though. xoxoxoxo

Ashley said...

Oh lord. I'm crazy enough already, I do not need to add pregnancy hormones to the mix! I have a feeling I will be rage-y rather than cry-y though...

Brooke said...

ok i'm retyping my comment cause apparently wordpress is weird :)

I love this list! I could make a list too but I'm not pregnant, just highly emotional! LOL