Thursday, May 16, 2013

Long weekend Run Down

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As thrilling as this likely seems....the above is (what I hope) a breakdown of this upcoming long weekend.  We have been out and about the past few weekends and have more events coming in the next few weeks. As a result our wee house is feeling a bit neglected...AND my early onset nesting nestyness is freaking out.

G and I tend to have a slight time management disagreement disorder.  He feels it is entirely possible to watch 5 movies, hang out with friends, go away over night and still somehow manage to accomplish 500 home related tasks.  I have learned that this is not even close to the truth and tends to leave me just annoyed drowning in a pile of laundry and grocery bags at the end of the weekend. And so my to do lists have been coming out to help keep us focused when we try to plan home things.  I get that a long weekend is kind of a downer weekend to be stuck at home working, but if I have to deal with the pile of lumber that has been taking up half my small hallway any longer, I will lose my ever loving mind.  (ed note: it has been there since Feb when we first discussed doing built ins for our room)  

In order to make these tasks fairly weighted between the two of us I am tackling the bathroom reno with the help of my Mum and her trusty favourite paint brush.  I figure over three days we can pretty easily get all the work done (I am thinking it will just take most of one day to paint and reassemble the new vanity etc in bathroom)  I will take some before pictures of the weird purple colour and impractical vanity that was left there from previous owners...I think that this point anything will be an improvement!

Wish me luck in us accomplishing all of this..or at least luck with me keeping G focused for three whole days hahaha

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Inge said...

I saw on facebook how the sink was mounted on books, I never thought of doing that, Very original. Is it possible to pull out a book and read while resting in bathroom? :) Hope you had a good week end.