Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Early Onset Nesting

I have been feeling rather panicked lately about all the things that need to get done around the house.  We tend to talk in circles trying to decide what should be prioritized and what we can hold off on.  In a moment of trying to feel focused yesterday I made a list and sent to Garret at work.  Perhaps was a little overwhelming?  But holy smokes October is going to be here before we know it! Plus I have a sneaking suspicion we will have an even harder time focusing on house stuff once Junior arrives.
These are the main things I would really like to get done before Gus comes:

  1. Trim on the door in downstairs bathroom

  2. Paint downstairs bathroom

  3. Swap out the sink downstairs bathroom

  4.  Carpet the stairs

  5. paint the railing and spindles (not a super priority)

  6.  Backsplash in kitchen (we could just paint it before we decide to do something else...then it looks pretty and less boring)

  7.  Builtins in bedroom

  8. Hanging all the frames on the wall in our room

  9.  Getting bathtub reglazed

  10.  Fence

  11. Garden maintenance

  12. Powerwash/sand/paint front porch..lighting if we are feeling crazy?

  13. New storm doors for kitchen door and front door

  14.  Nursery will likely just involve hanging a few shelves and maybe some art over the crib? Nothing dramatic and I already like the paint colour in there. Oh and some sort of closet organization system.

  15. ok I am done for now.

His response was along the lines of: "we will make a plan of attack later...when I am not at work...on a Monday morning"  Some of the heavy lifting construction jobs I will have to bow out of for now, but if we start doing some things before I am 30lbs heavier and it is 30 degrees hotter out I think we have a good chance of getting things completed.  I have roped my darling Mum into coming for a day or two next weekend to help me get the downstairs bathroom done (hurray)  I feel if we pick certain jobs and pick when we can work on them stuff will get done.  It is that whole "oh at some point we should do this" attitude that we seem to thrive on which I fear will lead to me bringing Gus home to a house that continues to look like a construction site.  Every new mothers dream, am I right?!


Ashley said...

We live with the "oh at some point we should do this" attitude too. Aaaaaand as you can tell from my post today, it's not working out so much these days, haha.

I try to make us do one "thing" a day. Some days are better than others!

anewview365 said...

Oh i understand these feelings and i'm not even nesting! I'm just dealing with a big list and not knowing when to get it all done. If it makes you feel any better, my best friends decided to finish their basement and the reno started 4 days after they brought their first daughter home! I thought they were nuts but she learned to sleep through the noise and they managed with the mess :)