Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas from us Walsheses

Walsh Christmas


Last weekend we went to the dollar store to find some cheapy decoratish types of things and may or may not have come home with a Santa jacket for Brooklyn. We are 100% turning into those people who put clothes on their dogs. It was beyond adorable to see her running around in it.  She may or may not look like a disgruntled old man in the above pic, but believe me in real life? Beyond cute.  G's mom was visiting so we had a wee bit of a festive photoshoot. Please note our amazing $12 tree and disregard the corner of our mega TV.  Since we are just finishing up our wedding Thank you notes, I don't really have it in me to also write 70 Christmas cards (or pay to mail them holy smokes stamps are pricey!) So in frugal Julia mode I am emailing people the above pic.  I feel like our "What we have been up to this year" note is known by everyone now. "got married, got a puppy still workin' on the house. Love, us"  Although part of me just SO wants to send out more mail so I can sign things 'The Walsh's'. #nerdalert

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Barbara Welch said...

Oh my, how absolutely adorable is that picture and post...from the Walshes (sp)?