Thursday, December 13, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

My Mum is a lucky duck. Whenever we are somewhere that has a door prize, she will win it.  We have gone on a few scrapbooking retreats in the past few years and she has won something at every. single. one. It is quite a talent.  I think she has made out pretty well with various contests and raffle draws  over the years as well.  One time we were discussing this phenomena and we talked about how it would be really cool to enter as many contests possible in a year.  I loved this idea and have thought about it off and on for the past while. Last month I entered a draw in St Jacobs for various Black Friday prizes...and I got a phone call that I won a gift card to the Levis outlet!  Not the $500 shopping spree I was hoping for, but a prize is a prize!  Then today this came through my inbox and I thought that now is a good time to start. I could definitely do with some free groceries!  So, starting today, I shall be entering every contest that comes across my path.  Good chance nothing other than junk email will come of it, but then again you never know until you try.  Anyone else interested in joining me on a 2013 contest entering binge?


kimberly said...

you know i read about a lady who spend at min 4 hrs a night entering draws - she wins trips, food, electronics...etc. must be nice to have the time... but good luck :) spread some luck this way as well

shwalsh said...

I guess I should stipulate--I will not be spending 4 hours a night doing this...just more so if a contest crosses my path I shall enter. I also do not have 4 hours to do that at night, pretty sure Garret and Brooklyn would be unimpressed with me no longer feeding or hanging out with them