Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dance Me to the End of Love

One of the things that I always have loved about Garret is that he will always dance with me.  I had never dated someone who was so willing to hit the dance floor...match made in heaven!  We had discussed doing something special for our first dance but never really got around to planning anything. We were at a wedding this summer where the couple had a special dance and we remarked how special that was...and yet we still did nothing about it.  Cue my mother in law who can be very persuasive--she did some googling and found us an amazing dance instructor who taught lessons just outside of Barrie.  As our wedding gift she gave us the first few lessons to get us started and we had a total blast.  Most of the dancing we had done together involved goofing around and nothing technical. We weren't sure what we had in store for us once we started classes. I thought that learning the Viennese Waltz was really sexy and a lot of fun. It surprised Garret how much he enjoyed it as well.  We didn't tell many people that we had something special planned so it was really great to "wow" some of our guests with our sweet dance moves.

Last night our friend/videographer sent us the link to our first Dance from the wedding.  It was really dark in the room so he did his best getting footage--I love that it looks vintagey.  This was the first time we got to see ourselves in action and I am pretty proud of the progress we made.  We don't have footage of those first few lessons, but let me just say we weren't quite Fred and Ginger.


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