Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where did today go?

We don't usually like to sleep in on weekends because it makes them go by too quickly. However this morning we lay around until after 10 before we got going. is a theme with this blog, we didn't get as much done as we had hoped...but to look on the positive side we still managed to get a bunch done. Aaaand we are about to head to a friend's place for dinner so all is not lost!
*We finished sanding the doors so now they just need to be stained and hung.
*G cleaned all the leaves etc out of the boat in the backyard and we covered it up to hopefully keep snow out (not sure if I have shared the story of the boat in the backyard...i'll make it short. When my dad passed away my brothers and I inherited his old speed boat. It has seen better days. Now it's living in our backyard until we have the money to make it amazing again)
*did more laundry---where does it all come from?
*got all patio furniture put away
*cleaned out shed and organized it
*set up our awesome new bed...cant wait to go to bed tonight!
*got some carpet tile to put down in the back room

So I'm feeling good! Wish we could have done a coat on those storm doors, but it will get done at some point....anyone want to start a pool of when they will get hung? My bets on January 17th ha

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