Monday, November 14, 2011

Not to keep talking about this...

But...I love our new bed!!! It so far has the perfect ratio of firm to soft and I slept most awesomely last night. It's funny you don't notice how crappy your bed is until you get to sleep on something better! So I think we will be going to bed super early for the next week to revel in the comfyness.

It's only Monday so I think I can still feel optimistic about what we can get accomplished this week:
*put away the Halloween decorations that are all folded/piled up in the corner...I even have a bin in the basement for them!
*list and sell our old mattress on kijiji
*buy some bleach so I can fully scrub window frames. The cleaner I had at home just didn't cut it
*go through my clothes...this seems to be an ongoing process. We both are clothing hoarders "we might wear this someday" type of people. We need to realize that if we haven't worn it in a few months it's gota go!

What's everyone else up to this week?

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