Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Getting our Game Face(s) on

We have T minus something like 300 days before the big "I DO" and I am really getting into wedding mode.  We have been engaged for over a year now, and Garret, like most men I keep hearing about,  has minimal interest when it comes to the planning stage. I think he would rather skip to the enjoyment part and hope someone else (me) figures out who is coming, what we are eating etc. One thing we both agreed on is how we want to look at the wedding...Healthy!  Our busy lifestyle didn't leave a lot of room or energy, for working out.  Or I guess I should say we didn't make it a priority until recently.  We aren't overweight nor do we eat bags of chips instead of meals type of thing, but there is definitely room for improvement with each of us.  Also, both of our families have history of heart disease so we realized that the best wedding present we could give each other is to start out with better eating and fitness habits. That way we can continue to drive each other crazy for many happy healthy years to come. 

Phase one of this has been a focus on meal planning.  I used to feel really overwhelmed to come up with yummy healthy meals for every night, and I tended to be the main meal preparer in the house.  I think recently G realized that he could lend a hand in this department and now he has been trading off with me and helping plan and prepare.  He bought us a book called Living Lean and we have been looking at quick and easy recipes from there.  I am also learning (yes mum I know you have told me this for 31 years) that if in the morning you know what you are having for dinner, your evening will run smoothly.  Who knew? She was right! So I have been trying to make two meals some nights (like two things of soup on Sunday)  and on some nights it is SO good to come home and reheat something healthy instead of caving while starved and getting pizza.

Phase two is getting out there and being active.  I will be the first to admit that I don't love the gym.  My brothers both get so excited to go and just LOVE being there....I am not there yet, but I have started less foot dragging when we go.  We joined GoodLife in September and have been trying to make it out a few nights a week when we can.  I recently joined a hot yoga studio with my girlfriends from my carpool and I LOVE IT.  We had an introductory special this month so we have been going 2-3 times a week. I am feeling strong and my posture is phenomenal.  There are some great crosscountry ski and snowshoe trails near us as well, so once we get a big dumping of snow I think we will start getting outdoors more often as well. 

We don't want to go for a quick  fix wedding weight loss plan, but something more we can incorporate into our lives and continue to be fit and fab moving forward!

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