Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Buzzkill (or the one about the bees)

A few weeks before we went on vacation we found two bees in the house (oh the horror)  They were pretty much in their final death throes so they weren't all stingy, but I was still not thrilled to have found them in the house. So G disposed of them in that really efficient bug removally way of his.  I didnt really think anything more about our winged friends until we got back from Cuba....and we found about 15 of them, dead, in various locations in our house.  The most distressing one was when I put my boot on this morning, felt something in the toe, tipped it up and a dead bee came out (say it with me now ewwwwwww)   It seems weird to me that we didn't have any sort of infestation over the summer, but they are crawling out of some hiding spot to die on our floors, or in our shoes (shudder)  Tonight we are going to do a mega vacuum and inspection of the doors, windows and other places they could be coming from.  It's just so weird.


Melissa said...

My parents get that every now and then. They are in an old house. The bees will find the tiny cracks in the mortar and brick and make their way in. They had to have someone come and doing some 'pointing' - which was filling in those tiny little cracks... May be worthwhile to look into this. You know, as another household jobbie ;)

Life through my iPhone (end of Aug edition) | 6 Centre of the Universe said...

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