Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day Weekend to-do list

-watch G and his Dad finish the shed (yay)
-load shed with all random things laying around the house (eg. Drill press out of the dining room woohoo)
-clean kitchen and bathroom
-whittle down the seemingly infinite pile of laundry that has accumulated this week
-finally hang snazzy mirror in downstairs bathroom
-spray paint rusty boat trailer so we aren't "those neighbours"
-cut the junglesque lawn (most definitely a G job)
-finish stripping and prepping the exterior doors
-weed the garden and destroy all infiltrators
-take photos of everything we have done so we/I can brag online
-spend some quality time in the hammock high five-ing ourselves on a job well done

1 comment:

Charlene Boyce said...

Isn't love grand! Hugs to both of you!