Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reflecting on the long weekend

We didn't manage to tackle my insanely long to-do list but we definitely got a pile of stuff done. Garret and his dad didn't finish the shed but got the roof on and hung the door frames. That was the big job on Friday. Garret was on the roof, (i was only mildly panicked) and i was in the garden for 5 hours ripping up the random undergrowth and trimming out of control bushes! Garret and our neighbours also spent a whole day working on a fence between the properties. They wanted to build fences in order to keep their dogs in, but once they finished we still found a few spots that little Wendy can squeeze through! (she's our favorite so I want her to still visit!). I started stripping/sanding the paint off the old doors which took an eternity. They somehow cursed that paint to stay on the doors no matter what! So it wast quite the speedy job I envisioned but I managed to get most of it done. The plan is to work on those a little more this week and hopefully have at least the front door ready for when we have guests this weekend. Please scroll down for a pic of how lovely I looked in my sanding gear!!

We managed to go for a bike ride and to promenade days in Barrie so at least we managed to sneak some fun in there with all that hard work!





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