Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The weekend in pictures








We hung in the hammock with our fave babycakes, went to rib fest, ate a metric ton of ribs, then ate some more ribs, I wore a white shirt -not smart(and obvs was covered in sauce after my first rib), Erin made me cupcakes to commemorate my second annual 29th birthday.  We also had a dance party and a few other things with photos that flatter no one so I shall allow you to use your imagination....All in all a phenomenal weekend. 

In house related news, G got some locks put on the shed and he loaded it up with all our random items that were taking space in the backroom (and the dining room...drill press cough cough)  Pictures to follow of our awesome back room space!

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Alaleh said...

I want to eat Molly :)