Thursday, July 28, 2011

Channeling my inner Martha

Last Saturday my mum and I spent some time canning. G was at a bachelor party so I wanted to show him just how much fun he was missing ;) I have started feeling a big sense of accomplishment in the past few years when I tackle a successful kitchenesque project...So I thought I would delve a little deeper into the land of mason jars and preservatives! We aren't a huge jam family so we decided to start with spicy pickled beans (the perfect accompaniment to any caesar or bloody Mary)


They look quite lovely but we have 2 weeks until the taste test will let us know for sure! We have started a list of everything else we want to can this year (while I am a newbie my mum has definitely done this before) We are going to do sweet peppers, pickled onions, dill pickles and an antipasti type of veggie. Is it super nerdly that I can't wait to see jars lined up in my basement so I can pretend to be Laura Ingalls?
Or I guess I could just say It never hurts to be prepared.... You know, just in case?


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meagan said...

Okay so can you invite me over so I can sample the pickled beans with you? I ADORE Spicy pickled beans SO SO SO MUCH! P.S. I am just getting caught up on my reading :) xoxox