Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things went bump in the night....

....and we didn't hear a peep! The former owners had a few things screwed to the wall that they also calked in for good measure. Such as the downstairs bathroom mirror, and the crappy breakfast bar in the kitchen (that's what we were repairing earlier). So I detest the crappier-than-ikea mirror that's in the downstairs bathroom. It adds nothing to the room and we've been meaning to get around to replace it with a lovely mirror my mum gave us. Garret unscrewed it the other night and we then confirmed that previous owners had indeed glued it to the wall as well. I guess you can never be too sure that something is going to stay on the wall! We just left it stuck to the wall and figured that later this week we would scrape it off. I guess the past few warm days and no A/C did the work for us because when I came down this morning I was greeted with the following :



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Charlene Boyce said...

...this scene or pic is so Magritte!!