Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Open for Business

The guest/dump everything we have yet to unpack and don't know where to put room now has a bed!! We had our first sleepover last night where we could offer someone something other than the couch. Look out world the ShWalsh family is getting classy! We now have the space so please come on over for a visit! We obviously won't be keeping this room as the junk room, but for now it will remain a space containing all odds and sods. It was really nice to be able to set up the bed that Nanny gave us though. Next trip to Meaford we will be bringing back the box spring and frame so by then we hope to have a few more things cleared out. We have three other storage spots that need to be sorted out as well, but many of the things on our to do list hinge on finishing something else on the list (this is making prioritizing difficult as sometimes it seems to be a list that ties itself up in a circle)Fortunately we are both keen to have more useable space so bit by bit we are getting there!


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Julia said...

I should note that the Heart and Star Ikea lights came with the house and if anyone would like to give them a new home we would happily part with them!