Friday, June 17, 2011

The Shed volume 1

There was a shed at the back of our property when we first moved in.  The original excitement turned to disappointment when we realized that it was about one good storm away from total collapse. (this will become a running theme as we talk about what we are fixing with the house---the previous owners were not really into property maintenance of any sort) We discussed for a while what our best option would be and after some serious number crunching on G's part, he came up with a plan and a budget to build us a new shed.  The first thing we had to do was get rid of the old shed....I forgot to take a photo while it was still standing however I did manage to halt the demolition long enough for me to grab a pic:
Garret and Wes had knocked out the one side at this point
The boys took a few hours to get it fully removed and then we waited a few weeks before we took the next step in shed building....I have to say that enjoying a nice clean looking back yard was enjoyable. However having the shed built and being able to do things like get G's drill press out of our dining room and into the backyard will be even MORE enjoyable.

Last night at Lowes...G in his fave's how I feel at Chapters or Home Sense

The official "Before" picture of the shed this morning...leaning up against the back of the house
This weekend we have our friend Regan coming over to do some framing with G to get the shed started and then I think I am going to attempt to be a trusty helper on Sunday so we can get more done (although I am picturing my role being more like those girls on Tool Time...and not so much with the hammering my thumb and splinters...we shall see hahaha) I will be sure to post some after pics when our shed is more than just a pile of lumber.

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