Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sometimes small changes are good too

Yesterday I didn't have a lot of time but was feeling like crossing something off the to-do list. I decided to tackle pretty much our only closet (the downside of a century home: they must have had less stuff than we did and therefore less need for storage) I emptied the closet and threw out some of the random stuff that shouldn't have made it in the move. Then I reorganized the remainder into three snazzy matching baskets- and voila:


I probably should have taken a before picture to fully illustrate the difference. I was very proud of myself and showed G to minimal fanfare. Direct quote "oh did you clean the cupboard?" I think from now on I will always take before pics so I can force an "ooooh...ahhh" moment!

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Charlene Boyce said...

I love the rolled towel idea? D'ou vient cette idee??