Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Uncultured lout


Last night G and I went out with my friends from school. A dinner/movie celebration of being done school. We went to the 630 showing of Black Swan-not my choice. Throughout the whole movie G and I kept making fake barf faces at each other during the gross parts(yes we are mature like that) and pretty much just waited for it to end. I hated it. I would have rather saved the $12.50 each and sat home watching something, no anything else. It wasn't scary, but it was gross in parts and just too much wtfness for one movie. When it ended we began to discuss and it seems only G and I hated it. The other three thought it was the best movie they had seen in ages blah blah blah. I felt like maybe I was missing something, that perhaps I passed out for some monumental moment in the movie. I predicted the end due to my movie/TV psychic abilities, but it wasn't just that. Definitely something was missing for me. SO glad it was missing for G too as we chatted about it the whole way home. I read some reviews this morning and it would seem that everyone loved it. And I'm left feeling that perhaps I am not as arty as I think I am. Would much rather have seen Tangled and then met the group at dinner! Next up for G and I is the fighter and love and other drugs-bet you can't guess who is picking which movie!

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