Friday, December 10, 2010

To do in January....


Am inspired thanks to my good friend Bee vs 30 to start making some more lists:
Forever things have been put off "until January when I am done school"... so perhaps I should make a list of what must be done..

1. Clean the apartment--my side of the bed is carpeted in clothes, both dirty and clean. It will almost be like getting new clothes as I am embarrassed to admit some of them have been there for a few weeks.
2. Make an appointment with a naturopath to finally figure out what it is I am allergic to so I don't feel sick every time I eat
3. Organize my school stuff--I can actually throw out and recycle a pile of stuff now--no longer shall our headboard be piles of foamcore stacked behind the bed.
4. Make a plan to start exercising--this might actually be the most difficult part of January. I am a somewhat lethargic person by nature but am really wanting to get back into shape...a non blobby shape
5. Start planning my wedding (*head explodes with glee)
6. Get on the Til Debt Do Us Part budget sheet and get G and I on a SAVING PLAN (and a debt repayment one as my student loan starts getting repaid in June barf)
7. Make plans and see the friends I have been neglecting for the last 2 + years
8. Take a class and learn how to make my camera work on the manual setting--I have been using the automatic setting for about 5 years now and its really time to figure this out
****I know that I have about 150 other things I have been saying "Oh I will do in January" so beware the list may grow*****

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Bee said...

Great list! New year is gonna be sweet!