Friday, December 17, 2010

Oooh the lethargy

It has struck with a vengance. I still have to assemble all my research from my final project but instead I spent last night drinking cheap champagne from when we got engaged. What? We ran out of beer!..... I feel that my love of booze comes across quite well in that sentence no?
We had our friend Derek over and the boys made me watch 2012. I hate HATE apocalyptic themed movies. Mostly because in movies like that I get all antsy concerned that Toronto is going to slide into Lake Ontario. I do not want to go to a watery grave-ever preferably, but at least not until I've done a few more things with my life.
So the G and Derek spent the whole movie teasing me about being a mega nerd and a super baby. I also detest scary movies so perhaps they are partially right. I've never been able to watch scary movies. I know several friends who LOVE the feeling of being scared. Me? Not so much. I spent the whole time I was at a haunted house this past Halloween buried in my friends chest freaking out a la Marge Simpson "get me out, get me out get me OUT!"
Is it so wrong that I would have rather spend the night watching something funny? Or cheesy? Granted 2012 was kind of Armageddon-ish, not so terrifying, but I get too emphatic and think about all those poor people who died.
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