Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aww mornings


Lately G and I have developed a bit of a routine on the mornings he has to get up before me. He gets out of bed to shower and I roll over to his recently vacated spot. (I'm not too sure how we picked spots when we first started sharing a bed, but I think I must have compromised as I love his side of the bed!) Then as he is leaving I call out a reminder of all the things he needs to remember to take with him. There have been several occasions where he comes flying back in for keys to the garage, his phone wallet etc, so I am trying to save one step in the process. And I feel guilty but I love that I can snooze a bit longer while he has already started his day. I feel like I should be getting up and making us breakfast or coffee but it doesn't happen just yet. Come January we will be leaving the house at the same time in the mornings and I will miss my stolen moments on his side of the bed knowing he has to go brave the cold before me.

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