Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Quarterly Sigh of Relief

I have been sitting at home for the past 5 hours waiting for Rogers to show up and set up my internet. I decided to just play on the computer in the meantime and found out I can steal wireless....not a great signal, but I really feel like blogging and surfing the net. Thanks Marie Cruz whomever you are. Helping me in my time of need and also reinforcing why I will put a password on my account when they finally show up to get me online.
Monday afternoon my mum had her check up at the cancer clinic. With lymphoma, apparently doctors like to wait as long as possible before starting treatment as after a while lymphoma stops responding to chemo. As she has been asymptomatic for this long, they told her that they want to wait until she exhibits symptoms before they begin treatment. So...she comes down to Toronto every 4 months for a check up. I didnt realize how worried I had been about this appointment until the doctor told her that things were looking good and that he would see us in 4 months. She is amazing about keeping positive and focusing on being healthy and I think I need to try to do the same. I keep telling myself that she is fine and that it is going to be ok, but I tend to let those negative thoughts creep in when I am feeling down. I have to focus on all the good in my life and not get bogged down by the crap.

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