Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Missing Ms. Mars


In the fall my friend Emma essentially gave me a new drug. She had tried it before and knew how addictive it was yet she gave it to me anyway...It's not illegal or anything but I swear it's been a hard habit to break. When I knew it was running out I tried to savour it, make it last longer. But now it's all gone and I miss it...I am pretty much in denial that it's over. So, I will stop being cryptic and spill it "I AM IN LOVE WITH VERONICA MARS" It is literally a crime that there was only 3 seasons of the show. It was brilliant. Funny, witty, clever and catching. I do not understand how shows like that get cancelled and crap like "The Bachelor" will run on into infinity. G and I watched the last episode on Monday night, and now all I can do is try to finish the story of Veronica in my head. I know this is completely lame, and most likely due to the intense state of hormonal PMS mess I am currently in, but I almost cried. I got so attached to Kristen Bell and her peeps. I would give this show a glowing recommendation if anyone is in the market for picking up something they can watch on DVD. Farewell

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Rebecca said...

I used to watch that show & liked it too! I lost track of it when they changed the night it aired one time or another. Some of these shows that keep going I just don't get...others are my guilty pleasure, hehe. Hope you're doing well!