Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grace in Small Things (1)

After reading about this idea on I looked further into it, and I am sure that this is what I can use in my life right now. A reason, every day to look on the bright side and see those things I should be thankful for. I know that even on my worst days that there are things I should be looking for, to take solace in, to laugh about, to take my breath away. Those 5 things for me today were:
1.Sitting on the couch and eating Chinese food with G, opening our fortunes together and laughing. 2. Loving the book I am reading (Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow) 3. Discovering new music 4. Catching up on blog reading 5. A phone call from my mum
It really isn't hard to find these things in a day, and now perhaps I can focus on these instead of the negative.

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Rebecca said...

LOL, I came back to leave another quick comment & you already posted - it's almost like we're having an actual conversation. ;) That's a great perspective on things, I used to keep a journal that I would do that in but haven't for some time. Maybe you'll inspire me also.

PS Thanks for stopping by :) I watched the first two seasons of LOST that way - on was like one long scary movie, not scary scary but there were a few moments that startled me, haha.