Sunday, September 20, 2009

Surprise Comfort


Am home alone this weekend--G went north to visit his Mom and is today heading to North Bay as he has to be in Sudbury for work Monday morning. (boo) It worked out well as I have been doing nothing but school work all weekend anyway. Last night I was up til 2 getting my presentation boards ready, and this morning I got up at 9 to get back to work. I may or may not have been a little bit distracted by Flickr, but that's beside the point. Am heading downtown shortly to go to Sambuca for brunch with my friend Cynthia and her almost 1 year old son Phoenix. Havent seen them in a while so I am looking forward to catching up. Have been sitting on the couch this morning surfing for images for my presentation, I got cold so I got up and put one of G's sweaters on over my jammies. It's strange the comfort I get solely from the smell of him. It's nice that he isn't here this weekend as I would be ignoring him due to school, but it felt nice this morning to catch a whiff of him as my mind is focused on something else.

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