Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Little Bits


How is today September 1st? It has felt like fall in Ontario for most of the summer, what a rip off. And now fall is almost here (can't really complain as I delight in the ways of autumn) but I can't believe it's September already. And I can't even have the back to school rush cause I have been in school all summer anyway.

In WAY more exciting news, not-so-wise gets married on Saturday. SATURDAY...it's sooo soon, but I am not remotely worried as she is the most organized wedding planner I have ever met. I can't wait for her special day, it's going to be such a blast. Her fiance has been struggling with a lot of health issues this past year and I am really looking forward to her having at least one special magical day that is all about her!

The other night we were having dinner with another couple who are about to get married. S just picked up his wedding ring and was showing it off. G tried it on and I must say my heart got all a flutter seeing him with a ring on his ring finger. It was a strange feeling, but I'll take butterflies whenever I get 'em :)


Rebecca said...

Aw, I hope the wedding was wonderful. Congrats to the happy couple! Yay butterflies!!

Melissa said...

Your heart was all a flutter..awww :)