Friday, September 18, 2009

T-minus 6 days...


Until I have my final project presentations for term 4. I have been in school for almost a year now, but due to the condensed program I am almost a third of the way done my second year now! Time flies much?! This has been a long week of sitting in AutoCAD labs trying to get my plans, elevations and sections into presentation quality. It does feel so good to see all my work from the past few months coming together, but at the same time I am really ready for this to be over and to have my week off. My mum and I decided to have an adventure and we are roadtripping to Quebec City and Montreal. I am super looking forward to both the break and the change of scenery.

In other news, looking back through old emails, I have realized that I have emailed my divorce attorney 3 times since early July and I haven't heard back. I assumed I would be divorced by now. It's not something I think too much about, but I do worry that my ex might try something last minute (as he enjoys drama) I would just really like this to be over, all ties to be severed and me to be able to officially move on. Am not in a rush to remarry, but I just want that chapter of my life legally finished with. There is a nice bottle of champagne waiting for me to buy it at the LCBO so I can celebrate the end of all of that. It's funny cause I don't really dwell on it a lot, however I think that once I can move on I will realize how much it has been bothering me. It's nice cause I really don't feel like I was ever married...and as time has gone on I have forgotten many of the intimate details of that relationship. It makes me happy to know that when and if I get married again I can start with a clean slate and work on maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with my partner. Never again will I go back to that debilitating sort of dependance that defined my life previously

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