Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He Never Put Baby in a Corner


I just saw on the news this morning that Patrick Swayze died. I know it is a bit ridiculous to get somewhat affected by the passing of a complete stranger. However, he was my first celebrity crush and I feel quite down. I remember renting Dirty Dancing at sleepover parties when we were preteens and (*don't judge me but...) we would keep rewinding to the part where his bare bum is seen when he gets out of bed (I know you know the part I mean). NO idea why, but we all loved that part and would dissolve into giggles each and every time we saw it. Last year I watched a Barbara Walters (or someone similar) do an in-depth interview with him and his wife...it's just sad. Am not saying that it is somehow more sad as he is a celebrity, cancer is a total S.O.B for everyone it touches, but am just sad.

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Rebecca said...

I was sad too, he had a hard fight & he fought well. I was impressed that him & his wife were married for 34 years, amazing - esp in Hollywood.