Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pretty Good little Sunday


Mum and I got up early and just sat on the couch discussing life love and the pursuit of happiness. Before I knew it it was 11am, and I had promised my grandma I would come to her house and start going through my grandpa's things. She said she just can't bare to see her husbands life reduced to "stuff" but she just needs things packed away. It is just too raw for her. 61 years together and suddenly you become single again. She has been part of Joan and John essentially all her life, it is so sad to see her struggle with who she is as herself. Mum and I made piles to take to the community outreach, piles to throw out and piles of things we want to keep. I ended up with a brown suede fedora, a book of quotes and his old burberry umbrella. The umbrella is so old that it appears it might disintigrate at the first sign of rain, but it just screams "Grandpa" to me and I love it. We spent a few hours immersed in his things, which was both sad and funny. He kept some of the strangest things over the years. I found notes I had tucked in his pocket when I was 10 years old. Seeing what was important enough for someone to keep for 18+ years really says so much about a person. I have always known he loved me, but I just felt such a sense of being loved today, it really meant a lot.

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