Thursday, March 26, 2009

My get up and go got up and went somewhere


I finished term 2 yesterday...and now I have a week off before term 3! No exciting plans, some of my fellow students are going on trips and I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous. Florida, Dominican Republic and Germany. I on the other hand am going to Meaford. I can't complain too much cause I am actually looking forward to spending some time with my Mum. We are going to drink red wine, scrapbook and read lots. Don't we sound like party animals? It feels SO good to be finished school and one incremement closer to graduation. I decided that I would just hang out around the house today run some errands and clean up (I currently am surrounded by a flury of foam core) G is very supportive about school and how much crap I have, but I wanted to surprise him when he got home from class with a clean looking pad. However, it took all the energy I had to go pick up our photos and hit the pharmacy (we are out of toilet paper and shampoo) And now I am sitting on my couch blogging instead of tidying up. Oh the lazyness is just all encompassing.

I was just planning on listening to music and tidying up, but my Ipod seems to have crapped out. I am super annoyed by this as Emma just put tons of new music on it for me. As much as I love technology, I have to say that it can just be frustrating. G accidently deleted 2 years of music from my ipod on Valentines day and now that it has music on it again it doesn't work ahhhhhh.

Ok, this is me leaping off the couch and taking garbage I gooooo...


Melissa said...

I came home with every intent of utilizing my time, getting some work done. But here I am checking out blogs, facebooking, emailing...ahhh...laziness is wonderous... I hope you have a fab week at home. Please ask G to give you a giant hug for me!!

Melissa said...

Also, I just turned on the tv...Grey's Anatomy. There is no work to be done tonight!