Friday, November 9, 2007

Online Shopping Ain't What is Was


There were many reasons I loved living in the States. One of which I didn't realize until this week. I have recently tried to shop on two of my fomer fave craft sites Chatterbox and Queen & Co charge $50 for "International" shipping. Of course I didn't realize this until I got all excited by cute new Scrapbooking items and filled my cart with goodies. I really don't see how they can charge the same to ship something to Canada as to Australia. I am so unimpressed. Stupid International orders. I guess technically it's a good thing as it saved me from spending money I don't have on Scrapbooking goodies, but dang they were some cute goodies.
I am not too sure how much nerdlier one can get but I am currently blogging and uploading books on CD to my Ipod. I went to the local library today with the intent of getting books on CD. They have an absolute ton of books on tape, but that doesn't really help me at the moment. I am on a self improvement kick as of late and I guess reading at home isn't enough for me! I am taking some mini road trips as of late visiting friends and family before the snow falls and makes travel difficult...this way I can absorb more literature while I am in the car. It is strange because I am such a huge music lover, (always singing along while I drive) but today I felt like a change. I had a job interview this morning for an admin assistant at a local ski hill. While it is Sat and Sun work which I like to turn down, I have decided I can no longer be so picky while I am looking at $39 in the bank. They will get back to me on Monday but it sounded like they were excited about having me work for them. hurray. I think it will be good for me to do something new, to meet new people and maybe have the chance to network. I am having a hard time lately figuring out what I want and I think if I am at least doing something there is a better chance of me figuring it out.
While I have already missed out on posting every day I liked seeing Lara's Encyclopedia of Me idea she stole from for today here goes.
A--is for adult onset ADD
This isn't actually anything more than a self diagnosis really. I have such a hard time sticking to one thing. I need to have many tasks going on at the same time and frequently I lose interest in something I was just incredibly passionate about just moments before....

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Rebecca said...

$50 for shipping scrappy goodness is just wrong. I think companies always charge more for shipping than the post office does. But that's just my theory. Road trips are fun. I've got a looong one coming up. I hope you enjoy your mini trips & visits. A new job is exciting & I agree, it's much easier to find/figure out what you really want while occupying your time. So I hope you find something else fairly quickly and don't lose too many weekends.