Tuesday, November 13, 2007

B is for boyfriend...and like bad mistakes I have had a few

Hurm, re-reading the title I see it now doesn't totally work. I was going for a witty Queenesque nod but tis not quite right. Oh well we're stuck with it now. Carrying on with the encyclopedia of me theme is the letter 'B'. I guess pretty appropriate for me right now is "Boyfriend" If I were to sit here and discuss the many boyfriends/doomed relationships I have had in the approximately 10 years I have been dating I would develop carpal tunnel syndrome. I think as an adolescent a lot of my issues stemmed from wanting to be liked. I wanted boys to think I was pretty and cool and so my standards tended not to be the highest. In fact I brought home quite a few doozies and scared my parents to death. In fact upon reflection, I don't think I ever really dated anyone that treated me properly, or really loved me. I mean I guess they did in their own way, but it was never in the way it is supposed to be, the really unselfish way. Regardless of this I still ended up getting married at 24. Needless to say for various reasons it didn't work out. Due to my previous track record I have decided that the next man I seriously date will need to meet certain expectations. I am looking forward to dating again, but I think I need to really examine who I am dating and to make sure it is for the right reasons. Right reason "I am falling for you cause you are super awesome and worthy of my awesomness" Wrong reason "I am lonely and tired of being single". To help me figure this out I have developed an almost Bridget Jones like list of qualities that FB (future boyfriend) must possess:
....He can make me laugh, isn't a whiner, gets on well with both my family and his, my friends approve, he can cook, is handy around the house, knows how to do laundry, is healthy, loves to travel, ingrained sense of adventure, spontaneous, brings me breakfast in bed (on occasion at least), has a steady secure job, likes to kiss, cuddle and hold hands, enjoys reading, appreciates my sense of humour, sings in the car, likes roadtrips, takes me on dates, not selfish, smart, has hobbies, likes the outdoors, will eat my cooking, loves dogs, can enjoy a good chick flick, will take me to the movies, is handsome, writes me love letters, loves music, can make a good cup of tea, drinks wine, wants to have babies, likes photography, not more than a casual drinker, isn't jealous, will go out and have "guy" time so I can have "girl" time, appreciates Mel Brooks comedies, understands the deeper meaning in those Brat Pack movies from the 80s. (this one isn't a stickler)laidback, no mental baggage, will cut the grass cause I have allergies and have a hard time with it, romantic, appreciates how important both couple time and alone time is, can enjoy both a night in and a night out, makes my toes curl when we have sex....
I am sure there are more I have forgotten--anyone care to add to the list?
Also, on an unrelated note. My blog is ugly can anyone help me make it cuter?

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Lara said...

Well, you probably should add the "says bless you when I sneeze, but I'll settle for a gesundheit" from the movie Singles...which if you haven't seen you positively must.