Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Blustery Day in the hundred acre wood

OK tis a bit of a fib as I don't actually live in the hundred acre wood, but it sounds cooler than titling this post "blustery day in apple country". Winter is really on it's way. I know how boring to talk about the weather eh? But we have had a few freezing cold days as well as some days where you can just watch all the leaves blow off the trees. I am hoping that it is less windy closer to the city cause it makes for crappy driving. I am heading out soon to take my Nan down to the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) to visit one of her friends. This works out awesomely for me as my cousin is on mat leave still so I am going to go visit her and play with her darling daughter Abby. Being such a crap cousin, I haven't been to visit her in the 6 months she has been alive. Finally getting out of my slump and having an excuse to visit now I really can't miss out. It is weird now suddenly to be so far removed from the baby having set. Being married I felt like I was one step closer to that. It wasn't as if we were planning on having one anytime soon, but I sort of felt that I had made it over one hurdle. Now I have to start back at the beginning...which I realize isn't really a bad thing. So now I get to put all my love for the youngans into my cousins baby and those of my friends. This is even better cause it means i still get a good night's sleep and I change way less diapers.


Lara said...

Apple country? YOu live in apple country? Man, I am jealous. Awesome. Have a good trip!

Quinta said...

Well said.