Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weddings, Weight loss and Working oh my

I think I also need to add "School and life in general" to that title. But I was digging the alliteration and couldn't think of more 'W' words!
We have been busy...like waking up early in the morning with thoughts of guest lists and money saving techniques kind of busy. Well at least I am. My beloved had been beautifully clueless about all of this but I'm working on educating him quickly. Last night we sat down with a checklist of wedding planning things I found online. I think he has a better idea now...so time to crack the whip! Aaand that's just wedding stuff.
Our new years resolutions for January have been going ok. We've been bringing our lunches and I've been meal planning like some sort of organized meal planner (yay me) It's been difficult now that I've thrown school into the mix, but I think we just need to make a plan of attack and stick to it. It's mid January and we have done pretty well, but I really want us to step it up a notch for the second half of the month. Go Team ShWalsh!

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