Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Salmon Sliders

During our post Christmas purge I finally went through a bunch of our old magazines and ripped out all the recipes I wanted to try, articles to read etc.  One of them from I believe Canadian Living (where I get a lot of my yummy recipes from) had some ideas for quick and healthy lunch options.  We tend to have two plans of attack when it comes to lunch...leftovers from dinner or sandwiches, or occasionally I make my MIL's pasta/tuna salad yummyness.  So I was intrigued by  the promise of an easy lunch.  This was delicious! And after I made it, my friend Nat thought they were so tasty that she made her own and tweaked the recipe a bit.

Salmon Sliders

1 tin of salmon

1/4 cup of breadcrumbs (I used a wee bit less)

1 egg

*can add various yummy things like dill, green onions, grated zucchini  etc

mix it all together.  form into little patties.  Pan fry for a few mins per side.  You can eat them hot or cold.  I grabbed some of the little slider buns from Zehrs and made little burgers, but Nat brought hers to work on top of some veggies.  Easy, quick and delicious!


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Nicki said...

That sounds easy and good. I like keeping tins of salmon in the cupboard, it makes a quick meal in a pinch. Thanks for the recipe.