Monday, September 13, 2010

Finals again

I know I have finals every 13 weeks but somehow they seem to creep up on me and take me by surprise. This past weekend I should have hunkered down and crossed things off my list, but instead I crossed things off my other lists:did laundry, bought new sheets, organized the pile of tupperware that threatens to fall when I open the cupboard. Pretty much anything to avoid having to do school work. This means that this week and coming weekend shall be crazy as I frantically try to get everything accomplished. I was also one of a few students chosen to participate in a student design charette happenning next Thursday, so I have to hand in two assignments a day early so I can compete. Exciting opportunity, but yikes for the time management. As hard as I try to stay on top of things somehow this always happens by week 11, the work left to do does not seem to coincide with the amount of time left in which to do it.
G and I are going away on a surprise trip at the end of October. And the thought of us drinking snazzy drinks on a beach somewhere is getting me through
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