Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The formerly quiet mornings


Am up early this morning, was supposed to have class at 9.30, but my teacher emailed early and now its not til 2. So I am up which feels good and about to make some coffee and get some homework done. I usually enjoy early mornings in my apartment. G heads out early to work, so I have the place to myself. Coffee, laptop and breakfast television, perfect combination. Now the city has started doing construction on my street. So at 7am the work crews show up, and from all the way up on my floor all I can hear is hammering, and machinery. I feel bad for anyone living closer to ground level!
I still am glad I am up early and getting stuff done, its just not as quiet and relaxing as it once was! And from what I hear this is going on til 2012! YEESH
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