Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tis the season


For being end of term again! T-minus 5 days til final presentations start. Who has two thumbs and feels remotely ready? *points to self. Not this guy. This term has been a struggle, with moving and all that, but I just don't feel ready for everything to be due. We always get through it but as of late I tend to keep choosing sleep over staying up and working.

In probably a creepy and TMI note, right now I am laying in bed thinking morbid thoughts. A year ago today (the 16th) my Dad didn't wake up in the morning. And I guess its messed up to be thinking this but part of me wonders if he was just sleeping and he slipped away or if he was up and suffering for a while. posted a song today called Let Go by Everest, and it really made me think. I want to just let this go, but sometimes I don't know how. I have so very many amazing things in my life to focus on but then I get these blips like anniversaries or just thoughts that bring me back to where I see that I haven't let go.
I can't believe its been a year already, I feel that my life was irrevocably changed and I kind of just want it back.
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