Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thought I would be late...

Yet even when I am not trying, I arrive early for stuff! I think I dread being late so much that I tend to be too early. I guess it's also because I never drive anymore so my traffic timing radar is off!
I must say having the car these two weeks has been amazing! When mum offered me the car I thought I was more so doing her a favour as she wouldn't have to pay for parking. Yet I have been driving everyday! I miss a car!!! I've been listening to CBC radio every morning so I feel all intellectual and up on my world news. Car goes back Saturday, and I go back to subway reading in the mornings.
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danielle said...

How are you? what's new? How's Canada? We are closing escrow on the PA house this next Friday, I'm heart-broken, but am trying to not think about ti.
I'm off to read more about what's new in your neck of the woods!!