Friday, May 21, 2010

Movin' on up

G and I just finished (at 1030pm last night) our move. *insert heavenly choir of angels here*
It really boggles the mind the amount of stuff that one day seems hard to get rid of, but in the madness that is moving can easily be parted with! We have thrown out or donated literally BAGS of stuff. It makes me wonder why the heck we had it in the first place. My mum was down on the weekend and helped us get a lot of things sorted. Our kitchen is organized and put away thankfully. But as we brought more and more stuff upstairs. The rest of the place looks like a disaster site. We still have a lot to go through, clothes, various papers, random other crap. Our new rule is we only keep it if we love it or if we need it(like tax stuff we keep haha) But I think we both thrive on organization, we just need to stop being lazy and actually keep on top of things. I really love this new place and I want it to be organized and tidy and ours!
In semi related news, my mum left her car at my place for 2 weeks while she is away helping my aunt move(lucky mum, helping with 2 moves back to back) And...I kinda don't want to give it back! I had the truck for a few weeks last summer while G was in thunder bay for work, but generally I don't drive any more. I have been delighting in the feeling of independence of just driving to work, heading to the grocery store or whathave you. I am extremely lucky most of the time in that my friend Har who I go to school with/spend every waking minute with, drives me around. He will frequently need groceries as well after class or what have you. I am well aware that the TTC is a wonderful way to get around, but the comfort and security of a car is incomparable!
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