Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sun is shining weather is sweet yeah.

Seems unseasonably hot in Toronto right now. Extreme Heat Watch in the city, May is too early for such nonsense. G and I just bought a mini a/c unit for our new apartment, fans simply do not cut it. We haven't been able to sleep and yesterday I was hanging out in my underware doing homework as it was too hot before 8am! I am thankful for the simple luxuries that are rampant in my life right now. A dishwasher, a car for 2 weeks(only 3 days left, sniff), air conditioning, and a roof over my head. I have been struggling as of late to dig myself out of a funk. I feel sometimes like I just want to wallow in self pity, but then I feel inspired by those around me who seem to shine on no matter what. I strive to be complete like them, thrilled with what my life is and dancing on the horizon of what it is to become.
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