Friday, April 16, 2010


My best friend had a baby on Wednesday morning and I am in love. Not just like "aww cute baby" love, but the aching that I am away from her love. I was really blessed in that I was able to meet her when she was just an hour old. Never in my life have I seen something so perfect. She was only 6 and a half lbs so she was honestly smaller than the purse I had with me that day. I found it funny that I could love something so much that I just met. I felt really emotional Wednesday night I think just from being close to something to special. It really got me thinking more about my future and how much I look forward to being a mum. Seeing my best friend in pain really was hard, but seeing her perfect little girl really makes you understand how worth it everything in life is. It made me understand how everything in my life is slowly moving me towards that point. I know that G and I aren't ready yet, but it makes me really look forward to the day when it is us bringing home a little someone from the hospital.

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