Monday, July 27, 2009



This morning started off in way too early. G and I were up at 5 so he could catch his 6:30am flight to Thunder Bay.  I dropped him off at the airport at 5:45 and watched him hustle to get in line. Where he was stuck for 20mins before he could get to the counter.  (keep in mind I am driving back to our apartment during this time)  I crawled back into bed, just shut my eyes, when my phone vibrated...He missed his flight. They wouldn't let him on even though he was in the airport in time. They told him that next time he should come 2 hours early just to be safe.  (isn't that supposed to be for international flights? Ones with Customs and so on involved..hell he is just flying up to Northern Ontario. They wouldn't rebook him on another flight for this morning without him paying the upgrade charge of $200 (as the later flights cost more) SO...this means I had to get out of my cozy, snuggly bed and race out to Pearson to grab him. Turns out he could get on a Porter flight, leaving from the Toronto Island Airport for less money than rebooking through Air Canada.  Needless to say he is not so happy with Air Canada at the moment.  And now I am finally back home, just made a cup of coffee, and thought I would blog and do some homework before school. I'm going to be a basketcase before my school ends at 8pm tonight.  I have a 3 hour class where I sit in a dark classroom and look at Art slides, then an hour break, then 5 hours of AutoCad with a teacher who talks like Dustin Hoffman in Rainman. Sigh.  

Figured I would incorporate my daily grace into this post so I don't sound so grumpy or as miserable as of late.

1. Homemade starbucks coffee
2. Sunrise over the 401 this morning
3. valuing the comfort and awesomeness that is my bed
4. Hearing that VIArail is having a 60% off sale on seats if you book now and ride between now and December sometime....perhaps a mini road trip with my Mum is in order
5. Getting to spend time with my awesome extended family this weekend.


Anonymous said...

wow-I've been there...both as the driver and as the passenger...5 am is are a good girlfriend indeed!

Rebecca said...

Ugh, what a pain. Here in the states they always say to arrive 2 hours early too...though most of the time now I'm more than good if I'm 1 hour early. I nearly missed luggage check in cut off by 2 minutes once leaving my dad's.