Friday, July 24, 2009

Today I say

In an effort to be more health conscious I have started drinking my coffee with milk instead of cream.  The taste I can handle, however I haven't yet figured out what colour it is to be.  I had it down pat with the cream, yet now most mornings I tend to find my coffee is either to milky or else to coffeeish.  Oh foolish drama.

It's been a quick week, so quick in fact that I start panicking with how fast this term is going by.  I just completed week 3, so that is just 9 more weeks til I do my final presentations. eeeek!  As I have mentioned in about 500 previous posts, I am working really hard to stay on top of things this semester which is great, but then there are those early Friday mornings...I get up with G to make us coffee and breakfast, he heads off to work and then I am going to be oh so productive...I get all my markers and materials out so I can start rendering stainless steel (exciting right?) and then I sit down at the computer and spend 45 minutes trying to figure out how to import my old blog into this one.  I have actually been blogging since 2006, but due to an unfortunate incident (aka my first marriage) I had to switch blogs so he wouldn't keep leaving stupid comments.  Now that he has backed off significantly, I thought it might be interesting to link both blogs. However can I remember how I used to log into the old one? Not a chance.  

In semi related news: I am almost a divorcee!!! Thrilled/over the moon is how I would best describe the emotions I feel when looking at that previous statement.  I NEVER wanted to be one of those people who had a quickie wedding and even quicker marriage, but I am learning to accept that yes, I did make a mistake.  It's still kind of a fresh wound and embarrassing at times, but I do have to look back and laugh...chuckle, chortle and down right giggle with glee at how happy I am to be out of that, and moved on to something so much better.

G and I are going to the bank this weekend to see about a mortgage. With me still being in school, it will end up being thanks mostly to a co-signer situation with my Mum...but the thought of getting into the real estate market has been on my mind for the past few years.  And the thought that it might be on the horizon is thrilling. We have spent a lot of time in the evenings perusing, in the hopes of stumbling upon our dream home. We don't have any thoughts that it will be extravagant, we just want somewhere to hang our hats, together as we dream together and make plans for the future.

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