Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dumpy Day Diva (with pics)

I was starting off wanting to write about being really depressed today. About not being able to find a job and about realizing that my credit card payment was supposed to be yesterday and not tomorrow...and while I was all about hitting the minimum now I will have to deal with...about feeling like I am stuck treading water and not able to move forward with my life...about just feeling totally lost about what I want to do and what should happen with my life.

BUT...instead I am choosing to write about my trip, to not be the dumpy day diva that I thought I was going to be. I started looking at pics from my trip to post up here and I realized that all really isnt lost. I just had an adventure. With a boy that I really like. So I guess things could be a lot worse right?

We flew out to Vancouver separately due to booking issues and met up Friday afternoon. We stayed with his parents and headed out on Saturday. Saturday night we stayed in Whistler, Sunday we stayed in Lake Louise, Monday Banff, Tuesday Calgary, Wednesday Regina, Thursday Winnipeg, Friday Terrance Bay (just past Thunder Bay) and then Saturday we did a 13 hour tour and made it home. We ate a lot of junk food, sang lots of tunes, I was corrected on many many hip hop lyrics, we made out in every province, and chatted. To be super girlie, I feel like we really got to know each other a bit better...we didn't even really pull out the indepth "getting to know you" conversations, but we spent 8 full days together, 50+ hours being confined in a vehicle. So for two people who have mostly spent time on weekends together, I think that this was good for us.

--Here we are pretending to hate each other
at the Ontario sign. Little did I know it was still about 18 hours home from that sign! Ontario is a GIANT province...we were still about 6 hours from Thunder Bay at this point. We had joked about hating each other by the the time we got to the middle of the country and since that didn't happen we thought it would be good to seem like we hated each other once we got back home.


Lara said...

Ooh, so this is the new boy!! Me likey.

TinyByNature said...
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TinyByNature said...

I did the same tripbut from Ontario to Van! We left TDot at 7am and got to TBay at MIDNIGHT! Ontario is massive and there are all those damn lakes in the way - LOL