Sunday, April 13, 2008

I've missed the blogging world

Hello world...I have returned from beneath the rock where I was hibernating/licking my wounds. It has been a long. dark, Canadian winter and I am finally feeling more like doing things I enjoy once again. Also...due to the fact that I have had about 11 email addresses and password combinations in the past few years, I couldn't remember how to log back in. I spent a frustrated hour last week trying to get into Blogger and yet it wouldn't let me in! The email address I used when I was married no longer exists so I was afraid the password was being sent to it. Ok, so pointless drivel but nonetheless...I AM BACK!
So, the super quick update and I will provide more hilarity and life-affirming details as time goes by:
  • Still separated. Ex decided to go for one more awesome power play and has claimed to be "too busy to deal with our divorce" (it actually just involves signing papers, but he is a giant idiot so what do I expect) He claims that we can talk about it again in 2009...when he is less busy. Honestly? I am not about to get married again so I don't really need to be divorced, it just bugs me that he goes in for the power trip once again. Am also a bit nervous he is waiting to see if I get a job so he can go after me for support. urgh
  • Am unemployed. ha. I worked at a ski club for the winter and it recently ended (for obvious reasons) I am looking to move to Toronto so I have been job hunting for a little while but nothing has come up. Thankfully I live at home at the moment so I dont have eviction notices being nailed to my door, but this is the first time in ages that I haven't worked. It's somewhat humbling to be honest...
  • Have taken up scrapbooking again. For a while there it was overwhelming me (silly to be overwhelmed by a craft? oh yes) But now it is something I look forward to which is great! I have been taking photos again and really feeling a lot more like myself
  • Been dating someone. Not sure how serious it is, I am pretty crazy about him, but trying to just be chill about it. He is friends with my brother, motivated, handsome, hilarious, dead sexy, and the best big spoon ever. It's grand
  • Am flying out west to Vancouver on Thursday and then driving an SUV home with said 'someone' Relationship maker or breaker? I think so! Also, pretty excited cause I have never seen that part of Canada really and i am quite excited to check it out. Will have heaps of pics to post when I get back.

Ok, so there is the quick update. I am going to spend some time trying to pimp out my blog a bit cause I hate how boring it looks at the moment. Then family dinner. Mum and I made Lamb tonight, will post the recipe if it works out.

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Lara said...

Yay, you're back!!! I am SO CURIOUS to hear abou tthe new dude, and about the pending move to Toronto (is that where he lives?) and am very sorry about the ex. Men can definitely suck most of the time.