Thursday, May 1, 2008


Lately I have been a pro. A pro at leaving everything to the last minute...a "pro"crastinator if you will. I think it is a personality flaw that I like to be somewhat lazy and leave things to the last minute and then go bat-shit insane when deadlines are all coming up at once. I need to work on making more positive changes.
This one may or may not have come about from an offhand comment from G. When he was leaving the house the other day after drinks with the family, he told my mum that I was really organzied. No one has ever told me that before in my life, and to be honest I kind of liked it. I guess to him I am organzied in some way..the girl vs guy way. I remind him to pack running shoes, to confirm he has his wallet, keys etc. I guess he sees that as organized. I think it's odd that I view this compliment as a challenge.
So...away I go! I am throwing a bridal shower this coming weekend with two other bridesmaids, and for the first time in who knows how long I have everything all ready. No last minute errands to lose my mind over, no freaking out and no insanity! I have everything all packed and ready in bins and bags by the door. I will be able to relax in the morning, tidy the house and take my Nan out to get some groceries...I will still have time to take a leisurely shower, pick out what I will be bringing down with me, and take a calm drive down to Toronto, knowing I will arrive with all I need. It's a refreshing feeling.

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Rebecca said...

Yay! for organization & time management! I'm heading for the airport in just under 24 hours, still have to go to the store, mow the yard, las minute cleaning, laundry & packing to do. I'm one of those "pro's" too. At least you were in good company. ;)