Friday, October 26, 2012

One Month Down

And we are:

watching Justified and Hell on Wheels

renovating The entire upstairs of our house

eating a lot of slow cooker meals! (it's fall)

collecting wedding photos from friends and family

celebrating birthdays, holidays (Halloween weeeee)

sleeping on the couch (until renos are done)

living with Kevin while he helps snazz up our house--very interesting to have a roomie and parent living with us for a while!

changing  my last name....taking more time than I thought (answering to said last name is definitely going to take more time!)

cleaning dust off every surface in our home due to the sawing and drilling and sanding

calling each other husband and wife because we are nerds like that and we can.

travelling to Niagara to do wine tours for a friend's birthday

planning our belated Halloween party and the next reno projects to take us through the winter

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