Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It gets worse before it gets better

At least this is what I keep telling myself. (and getting Garret to reassure me with)  Part of our newlywed motivational push had to do with getting stuff done around the house.  We are pretty rejuvenated; riding on the post wedding/honeymoon high, so we have started really  moving forward with all things homey.  Garret fixed the ceiling and finished taping/drywalling/sanding the area in the living room (yay) and we also finally chose and brought home hardwood flooring for upstairs. My father in law is coming over later this week and our project for the rest of the week and weekend is getting our floor installed and finished.  For those of you who haven't been to casa de Walsh, the upstairs is pretty tiny.  A small hallway, two smallish bedrooms and the only closet in the house.  The plus side is that we don't have a lot of space we need to put flooring in, but the down side is we have no shuffle room to put our stuff as we do the floors. So the downstairs of our house looks like the upstairs exploded all over it.  Last night while I made some accidently incredibly spicy soup for dinner, G ripped out a weird shelving unit that the former owners had built into the wall. That has been on the to-do list for over a year, and while it didn't really take up too much space in the hall way, it really looks nice to have it gone.

Tonight we are going to move our dressers, bedside tables etc. downstairs creating a sort of furnishings gauntlet one must walk through to get from the front door to the kitchen. (If you make it in one piece your reward is dinner!) It will be so worthwhile in the end, but thus far has only created frustration as it has lead Garret to once more notice what a book hoarder he married.(He usually doesn't notice the stacks I have on the floor on my side of our bed)  Wish us luck as we embark on this task because neither of us tends to function well when our house/life is really chaotic so this could be an interesting weekend!

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